Tandem-Specific Forks

Larger Blades and Crown
An appreciable difference between a Santana fork and other tandem forks is exceptional resistance to brake shudder—a destabilizing phenomenon that limits a captain’s control and lengthens a tandem’s stopping distance. Our larger fork blades provide teams with the confidence needed to enjoy a tandem’s higher speed—a secure feeling Santana owners have known for decades.

Our V-MAX forks
Santana’s V-max fork provides carbon fiber performance for tandem enthusiasts who appreciate the power of V-brakes and don’t want to compromise the clearance for fenders or wide tires. Stronger than any traditional steel fork, our reliable V-Max shaves off more than a pound of weight, and reduces vibration without diminishing stability. Available in 700c and 26'' sizes, 650 grams never felt so good.

Pro Carbon Forks
While some fork builders are stuck in the past, gluing carbon pieces to a metal crown or steerer, modern all-carbon construction can provide higher levels of strength, performance and safety. The patented fabrication techniques used to produce our Pro forks create a beautiful fork that not only meet our independently verified test standards, they are also up to 14-ounces lighter than the carbon forks used by other tandem builders with the road caliper version coming under 400g.